Children in Mediation

"Where there are no issues of domestic abuse or child protection, parents ought to be able, or encouraged, to make arrangements for their own child, rather than come to a court of law and a judge to resolve the issue"
- Sir Andrew McFarlane, 
President of the Family Division
For most people when they separate, their main concern is for their children and the impact the separation will have on them. In fact many people delay separating because of the impact on their children. Mediation provides a safe, calm environment to discuss your children and how you can both move the family unit forward with a minimum of disruption and upset for them. Being able to show your children that regardless of your separation you are willing to work together in their best interests will be extremely important to them.
Children may be anxious about any number of issues that arise as a result of their parents separating and as adults we may not always be aware of what these are; therefore I offer child inclusive mediation where children are invited to be part of the mediation process. Hearing the voice of the child helps the child to feel respected and listened to but not to feel responsible for the overall decisions that have to be made in their interests.



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